Job Opportunity : Raising Voices is hiring a Technical Advisor Violence Against Women Prevention (VAW) Practice
Job Opportunity : Raising Voices is hiring a Technical Advisor Violence Against Women Prevention (VAW) Practice

In order to promote movement-building to prevent violence against women, Raising Voices is seeking a dynamic feminist to join their team.

The Technical Advisor will oversee VAW Prevention Practice and offer strategic guidance in conjunction with the VAW Prevention Coordinator. In addition to supporting programme learning initiatives and successful technical assistance (TA) partnerships, the Technical Advisor will oversee and facilitate the efficient planning and execution of the day-to-day VAW Practice programme.

In order to give VAW Prevention Practice strategic direction and assistance, the Technical Advisor will work in tandem with the VAW Prevention Coordinator. They will oversee the VAW Practice program’s development and execution, encourage educational endeavours, and preserve relationships for technical support. Their duties encompass offering technical know-how, guaranteeing that outside teaching assistants remain current, spearheading programme evaluations, and gathering records of educational endeavours.

They will also create quarterly and annual work plans and assist with risk management. Creating programme strategies, taking part in team procedures, keeping up with advancements in VAW prevention, and living true to Raising Voices values are all examples of their strategic leadership.

Preparing the VAW Prevention Practice’s yearly budget, taking part in departmental budget-making procedures, and guaranteeing resource efficiency are all part of the job description. Additionally, the person upholds connections with associates and establishments, advocating for Raising Voices in both domestic and international fora. They oversee professional and personal development, create performance objectives, and assist the VAW Prevention Practice team. In addition, they oversee performance management and foster a culture of learning at Raising Voices. There may be other responsibilities allocated.

Please check the application requirements and submit it by 5 p.m. EAT on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, using the application link. Don’t forget to add a thoughtful cover letter outlining your qualifications for the position and your reasons for interest.

Only applications that are completed and submitted on time by qualified individuals will be taken into consideration. Contact with shortlisted candidates will begin no later than April 16, 2024.

Scroll down for more details and click on the official link attached  to apply.

Additional Information

Host InstitutionRaising Voices
Program TypeFully Funded
Eligibility CriteriaThe position necessitates a thorough comprehension of feminist analysis of VAW, women’s rights problems, and successful VAW preventive strategies like SASA! Together. Technical support, coaching, mentoring, and building relationships with teams are examples of skills. French language proficiency is an extra benefit. A least BA degree in development, social work, gender, or human rights disciplines is necessary for admission. It’s also necessary to have at least nine years of experience working for an NGO and to have achieved outcomes.
Official Link

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