$550 checks in Michigan: Who’s getting them, who isn’t?

$550 checks in Michigan: Who's getting them, who isn't?

$550 checks in Michigan: Who’s getting them, who isn’t?: This week the state began sending tax credit refund checks to roughly 700,000 lower-income Michigan residents. The checks, averaging about $550, are for those who qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2022. 

The checks come after a state law was passed last March that expanded Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit from 6% to 30% of the federal tax credit. 

Who will get a check? 

Recipients will be taxpayers who qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2022, designed to benefit residents who have a job but don’t make much money. The size of the credit depends on household income and dependent children.  

For the 2022 tax year, a married couple with three kids qualified if they earned less than $59,187 combined. Individuals without children could qualify if they earned less than $16,480.

How much money might I get?

The maximum Michigan EITC is 30% of the federal credit and is adjusted yearly based on inflation. 

Individuals who were eligible for the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit and claimed it when they filed for 2022 already received a 6% credit. The checks mailed this week will supplement the remaining 24 percent of the tax credit. 

The average check is expected to be $550. 

When should I expect to receive my check? 

The Michigan Department of Treasury will send the checks on a rolling basis over the next five-to-six weeks by mail, beginning this week.

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